feb 192014

A workshop in Sur.

Dok has made a beautiful trip through Oman. The immediate cause of this journey is a conceivable Maritime Museum to be realized in the authentic fishing-village Sur.
With great expectations 21 Dokkers take the first steps to explore Sur.

The city of Sur is one of the ancient Omani cities. As the capital city of the Ash Sharqiyah Region, it was an established centre for trade with India and East Africa.
Sur is the most famous shipbuilding city in the Persian Gulf. Its historical location gives it the hand to monitor the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean. Most famous ships have been built here, like the sambuk and ghanjah.
Today Sur has retained its reputation as a major Dhow-building town, the very same vessels that were used for world-trade.

For the workshop 21 Dok architects divided Sur in five areas. Each team visits the area considering the following issues:
– what are the touristic qualities of this part of Sur?
– what can you expect visiting Sur for 2 hours?
– what can you expect visiting Sur for 2 days?

Dok is wandering, drawing, talking, analyzing, eating, sitting, walking, strolling, taking photographs, perceiving and relishing.
In the late afternoon we come together again. Sur is a delightfull city, but we depart to our next destination, the Wabi Shab Resort.
Here we put all our ideas, sketches, photographs and proposals on the table and listen to each survey of Sur. Gradually an overall picture is formed.

The current possible location for the Maritime History Museum has got everyting it takes; surrounded by a beautiful coastal strip, an authentic bay with its three watchtowers, a castle, a Dhow shipping warf, a bridge accesible for pedestrians connecting the 2 parts of Sur, lovely lanes to wander through, a lively souk within walking distance, a lighthouse with oceanview [and overlooking the new Maritime History Museum], warm-harted residents.

In order to optimize the conditions for tourists, in this beautiful coastal town, a few additions to the present offer can be made. Public venues, restaurants and tearooms, can be positioned at strategic locations. several adventureaus walks in the shade can be proposed. Increase the number of appealing small hotels and apartments within the existing town. Create and optimize attractive shady spots, for example trees provided with seats and benches.

The results of this workshop will be combined in a complete document with text and images.

In summary, the new Maritime History Museum in Sur is a major challenge we profoundly embrace.
With great pleasure we remember our beautiful trip in Oman with Sur in our minds and hearts.

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