feb 122014


Oman offers us a wide variety of landscapes in a rather small area.
While driving from the mountains the scenery gradually becomes flatter and dryer; Wahiba Sands arises. Our journey is a unique natural and cultural experience.

Really excited we arrive at the nomadic camp in time to run up the sanddunes for a beautiful sunset.
While gazing at the fire, under the desert stars, we share our feeling that we seem to be in Oman for a week already, considering all the wonderful things we’ve seen and done.

Waking up with desert sounds we get ready for a day trip. The colours of the massive dunes, range from red to gold as far as the eye can see. The animals are hidden but their tracks show us they exist.
We analyse the way the camels walk and try to imitate them, it is impressive how smooth and relaxed they move.
It’s very special to stroll in this immense environment, a place to clear your mind.
In the shadow of a tree an Omani meal is being prepared for us with care.
Completely satisfied we continue our walk, jumping and running of the dunes.

Full of energy and spirit we depart from the peaceful golden Sea of Sand and head for Sur.

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