feb 062014

On the edge

After visiting Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, we head in the direction of Nizwa to the village Al Hamra, surrounded by the beautiful Omani landscape of mountains and valleys. Omani guides are waiting for us at a local pomp station. Carefully we descend into the traditional village Misfat Al Abriyyin, known for his stunning cultural landscape. Walking through steep alleys, date tree terraces and along Falaj channels, we listen to the guides who tell us with pride about the way Omani live.
We repose our walk with a tasteful lunch in the village. Again we are touched by the care and peace of the plantation.

As happy as we were with the shadow the date palms gave us in Misfat Al Abriyyin, as shocked we are with the cold that comes upon us that night. Early in the morning we are still shaking at the breakfast table, but nevertheless stoked with energy and mentally preparing for todays mountain trip.
Starting with a quick mountain stage in the car, once off the car we walk straight on the edge of the mountain chain. A breathtaking view is with us all the time when we are hiking. The track is challenging for all of us, we help and accompany each other as a well-attuned Dok team.
After 8 hours of hiking everybody safely arrives at the cars and we drive back to the hotel for a well deserved meal.

The next morning we move on to the desert. We stop to visit the Jabreen Castle near Nizwa. Remarkable in the Castle is the simplicity and unifications of the spaces, the beautiful frescoes and inscriptions. There are many spectacular wide views and shady inner courts.

We are, within a couple of days, impressed by the rich cultural heritage, the wonderful landscape and above all the kindness, calmness and generosity of the Omani people.

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